Do Not Underestimate Water Spills On Your Carpet

Everybody has spilt some water on their carpets – it happens at least once per year, I’ve done it twice already! It is not such a big deal – after all, it’s just water, it will dry out without a stain. Or will it? Here are a few reasons never to underestimate the seemingly harmless spills and to deal with them as quickly as possible.

Reason number one – do not give mould any foothold in your home. You will be surprised how quickly mould can appear on carpets, especially if the weather is humid and hot.

Reason number two – if not treated, water spills loosen the fabrics of the carpet. It happens slowly, and you will not notice it at first, but when you do, it will be too late to react.

Reason number three – humidity is the perfect condition for germs and bacteria to thrive. Water in itself is harmless, but it is the best possible environment for these microparticles, which are attracted to it like a magnet.

Now that you now just the most common dangers, here is a short video to help you deal with the problem whenever it appears.